Thursday, November 5, 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009 (or how to lose one's wits in 30 days or less)

Day One:

Well, technically, this is day five. But it will most likely be the first day that I actually get to write anything. Tetchy sinuses, crazy headaches, and insane allergies have all contributed to my well-deserved hiatus from both keyboard and pen. And before the hiatus, they contributed to my half-crazed, semi-coherrent ramblings on paper and verbally (to a very patient set of family and friends) about my grandiose plans for NaNoWriMo 2009.

Now that all the requisite smack has been talked, the real work of writing is actually set to begin. I think I remember what I was going to write about this time around. Something along the lines of taking a story that I've been stuck on for the past seven years and just pounding away at it until I get something written. Apparently, 50,000 words of something written.

I'm hoping that what gets written is actually readable. Or pleasant to read (for myself and others).

So now, as I embark upon the first day on the fifth day, I realize that I must put out double output (roughly 3,334 words) per day for the first few days in order to make up for the time lost due to laziness and the rather passionate uprising of the various elements of my respiratory system.

I'll probably update later today with the sad word count. Thus far it stands NaNoWriMo-1, Me-0.

Time to put on the coffee pot and get to typing!

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